Pebble Point Rules & Regulations

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The following rules and regulations are for the benefit of you and your neighbors. We anticipate and require your cooperation in order to maintain an enjoyable community and our reputation as a quality residential development. Residents, their guests, and other occupants shall comply with all written rules and regulations, which shall be considered part of the Lease and are incorporated therein by reference. At the sole discretion of the Owner, any rules and regulations may be modified, altered, or revised at any time. Any such modification, alteration, or revision will become effective seventy-two (72) hours after being posted in a conspicuous place.

  1. Nothing shall be done in or about the home which is unlawful or will interfere with the rights, comforts, or convenience of other persons lawfully in the Cobble Creek community. No resident shall knowingly allow convicted felons or sex offenders to enter the property.
  1. No disturbing noise shall be made at any time and no musical instrument, radio, television, phonograph, car stereos etc. shall be operated in a manner that is disturbing or annoying to other persons in the home or Cobble Creek Community.
  1. Resident, his guests, or other occupants shall be properly attired when appearing in any of the public areas in or about the home or Cobble Creek Community.
  1. No vehicle or motorcycle is allowed to park on the grass, sidewalks, patio, stairwells, etc. at any time. Parking of vehicles is allowed only in the areas provided for such purpose.
  1. No inoperable vehicles of any type are to be kept at the rental home or grounds. ANY vehicle with an expired license sticker or plate will be towed away at the owner of the vehicle’s expense. Any vehicles disturbing to other persons of the rental home or are expressly prohibited
  1. No campers, boats, trailers, recreational vehicles, or commercial vehicles are to be parked on the Street or Driveway overnight.
  1. No sign, advertisement, notice, or other lettering shall be exhibited, painted, or affixed by any Resident, occupant, or guest to any part of the outside of the home.
  1. No radio or television aerials or wires shall be erected in or about the premises. In accordance with the January 22, 1999 Over-the-Air reception Devices Rule, residents may only install satellite dishes with written permission and May Not install dishes larger than 1 meter (three feet, three inches) in diameter, or install satellite dishes on exterior walls, or in common areas, including roofs and trees.
  1. Nothing is to be attached to building pipes, gutters, or air conditioner supports by chain or otherwise.
  1. No additional cable or telephone outlets are to be installed unless given prior written permission by owner.
  1. No mutilation or defacing of trees, shrubs, flowers, fencing, buildings, will be permitted.
  1. No equipment may be moved from any part of the building. All equipment must be permanently retained in the original location.
  1. The storage or possession of kerosene, or other flammable or explosive agents is strictly prohibited with the exception of maximum of 5 gallons of gasoline stored in the appropriate container.
  1. No personal property is to be stored in the front or side yard of the homes.
  1. Front of the home is to be kept unobstructed at all times. No BBQ grills are allowed within 15 feet of the home.
  1. No window or door shall be covered by aluminum foil, sheets, blankets, or other materials not manufactured for such purpose.
  1. Pouring of grease, kitty litter, or similar material or like substances into sinks, garbage disposals or toilets is forbidden.
  1. Toilets, drains, and other equipment shall be used only for the purpose for which they are intended.
  1. Any signs, rules, or regulations posted on the premises by Pebble Point are to be strictly adhered to.
  1. No general solicitation will be permitted in the Cobble Creek Community. Any recognized solicitors will be given written authorization by Pebble Point. Any unauthorized solicitors should be instructed to leave.
  1. Do not tamper with, take down or cover smoke detectors. Do not tamper with or throw away fire extinguishers.
  1. The Illinois Electronic Products Recycling and Reuse act prohibits disposing of unwanted electronics in regular trash for burial in landfills starting January 1, 2012. This includes televisions, computers, monitors, printers, keyboards, DVRs, etc.
  1. Disposal of automobile tires in or around any trash receptacles is strictly prohibited.
  1. NO LITTERING. Garbage shall be disposed of only in appropriate containers.
  1. No personal items of any kind may be stored in the utility closet.

Effective as of 5/1/2019